My Five-Step Morning Beauty Routine

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I have admittedly never been a very “glamorous” person, even before kids. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 23, and even then, I would buy it from whatever grocery store clearance cart I could find cheap makeup in, put it on my face in two seconds, and spend the entire day wondering if my more makeup-savvy friends were laughing at me behind my back because I can’t do my eyebrows to save my life. I have always admired anyone who can navigate the aisles of Sephora without having a panic attack, and I have watched endless Youtube videos over the years, desperately trying to learn how to put eyeliner on without looking like a clown. But alas, it wasn’t working for me at 23, and it’s definitely not working for me now that I have four children. So, if you think this blog post is some kind of revolutionary way to look like a super model with perfect brows and a blowout…I do apologize–because this is more like how to look like a super mom with a perfect diaper bag and not covered in your baby’s blowout. But super moms can feel like super models, too; so hear me out.

I left for maternity leave 6 months ago, and we’ve gotten into what I’m calling my “Stay at Home Mom Routine”. I honestly don’t know how long I plan on staying home–a year/2 years/eternity, but I do know that as long as I’m home with my babies every day, I want to, at the very least, put on real pants, brush my hair, and put my contacts in first thing every morning. I’m not trying to hate on anyone who wears their pajamas all day with a week-old, unbrushed, top bun (MOTHERHOOD IS HARD; I FEEL YOU!!), but for me, when I don’t look great, I don’t feel great. And when I don’t feel great, our entire day is thrown off. So, when I say what our routine is, please don’t think that this means your routine is incorrect–we all do things differently, and I’m all about celebrating every mom.

But on a “normal, ho-hum, my husband is working, and here I am alone with four kids all day” day, this is what my routine looks like.

Step One: wake up before your kids and put on human clothes. Don’t sleep in and wait for your baby to scream and cry and start your day in chaos; set an alarm for about 20 minutes before your tiny friends normally wake up, and use that time to make a cup of coffee and get dressed for the day. I obviously don’t wear business suits or bank-lady-dresses anymore, but I love a good pair of denim with a basic sweater or top. I love animal prints and fun patterns because they hide stains really well AND they make me feel fancy. I’ve never really understood the black leggings trend for moms because baby spit-up shows up way too easily in black leggings, but jeans and patterned tops hide it pretty well all day.

Step Two: basic makeup. I use a mineral powder foundation, a brow definer, mascara, and lipstick. That is it. You could argue that it’s ridiculous to wear lipstick when you literally aren’t going to see a human over the age of 7 all day, but hey, when I walk past a mirror, I like to feel fabulous. So, I wear SUPER red lipstick. Like, the reddest I can find. And usually that distracts from my eye bags and the aforementioned spit-up on my jeans…because people are like “Wow, she’s wearing LIPSTICK. She must have her life together!” I’m not kidding. Lipstick. Wear it daily. I try to always have my makeup done before the kids wake up, but sometimes they surprise me. When they do, I make sure I have a bunch of old, empty makeup tubes and brushes for them to play with next to me.

Step Three: hair. I’m a huge fan of top buns, and I am so happy that society has embraced them with such open and loving arms. There’s a lot of great top bun tutorials online to figure out the basics, and I bobby pin mine like crazy so it doesn’t look insane by the end of the day. When I wear a top bun, I make sure to brush my hair before putting it up, and I dry shampoo it so it has more volume. If I know I’m going to be alone with the kids all day, I always wear it up, but if my husband is home and I’m actually interacting with another adult, I let my hair loose and use a curling wand to trace my natural curl pattern so I’ll have more defined curls. I’ve had that same curling wand for a decade now; so it’s put in some solid hours with me and is still holding strong.

Step Four: wake up your babies and attempt to get them dressed, too. My toddlers hate clothes, and sometimes I feel like I’m running a rodeo when I’m trying to get them ready for the day. This is why I always make sure that I AM READY FIRST. If I dress the kids and then dress myself, they will all be naked and covered in food within the two seconds it took me to slip on my shoes. So, always make sure to take care of yourself before you attempt to wrangle the babies.

Step Five: fabulous diaper bag. I may not have been a makeup person before having my babies, but I have always loved a good bag. I’ve gone through countless diaper bags over the last seven years, and my Lily Jade Meggan is, hands down, my favorite. You can find my full review here and what I pack in it here, but I promise that the right diaper bag really does bring your entire look together, just like the red lipstick earlier. My Meggan bag matches literally everything I own, and it’s got the most fabulous organizational system inside with a removable caddy for extra baby-supply storage. Also, each bag can be worn in the backpack carry so your hands are free, OR they can easily be worn as a cross-body or handbag, depending on the style you want. As always, check the Lily Jade website and Instagram for their current sales, because they run some amazing promotions!

And Step Six: remember that crazy days happen, raising tiny humans is HARD, and it’s okay to break your routine and go full-hot-mess when you need to! Bad days are inevitable, but they don’t have to define us. All we can do is give ourselves more grace and redder lipstick the next time we get back on track. ❤

Hard days happen. Leif is like, “WHY DOES MY MOM LOOK LIKE A CRAZY PERSON? IS THIS GENETIC???”

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  1. Haha I love this! You have a great sense of humor. I agree with so much, I just feel better when I’m put together and feel more productive too. Jammies are comfy but they make me lazy lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂 And I love that last picture!


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