What’s Inside My Diaper Bag

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My daughter, Lela, is admittedly a bag lady. She carries around at least five bags, at all times, filled to the brim with everything under the sun: chalk, tissues, tiny figurines, tiny books, ziploc bags, my mascara…the list goes on. Not too long ago, at my start of this motherhood journey, I was just like her, though. I carried around SO much unnecessary stuff for my one baby because I was so scared I would “need” something and not have it on me. My diaper bag was a cavernous black hole of odds and ends, and as a result, I couldn’t find what I was actually looking for…ever.

So, with four tiny people operating their basic needs out of my one diaper bag every time we leave the house, I’ve had to learn to minimize my baby supply hoarding and stay organized. I’ve been using the Lily Jade Meggan bag since Leif was born, and it’s the PERFECT size for everything we need, with some spare room for the supplies we might throw in for extra-long outings or road trips. I love the backpack carry feature because it allows my hands to be free with the kids. But what I love the most is the removable storage compartment in the center, something I’ve never seen as a built-in feature of any of the bags that I own.

Because of that removable caddy, I’m able to pack our bag for the day and simply insert it into the diaper bag when we are ready to head out the door. So, with a 7-year-old, a 2-year-old, a 1-year-old, and a 4-month-old (which is hilarious to type all of that out), here is what I pack:

-THREE diapers in Leif’s size, Three diapers in the girls’ size (they are potty trained, but they still wear diapers in public…the last thing I want is for them to pee on the grocery store floor in a toddler bladder explosion, y’all)

-ONE change of clothes for each child. We’re not talking about anything fancy–I grab one footed onesie for Leif and one dress for the girls, in case they have an accident. I also always have an extra pair of socks…because baby socks fall off baby feet wayyyy too easily.

-ONE pack of baby wipes. I admittedly use baby wipes like a crazy person–I even wipe down tables and playground equipment in public. No shame.

-ONE bottle for every two hours that we’ll be gone. I always use my pumped stash for public outings, which I know might be different from what other women prefer. My supply is super low, and when I’m crazily trying to navigate a cart of four children through the Walmart bread aisle, I just can’t seem to produce much, though. So, I bring a pre-heated bottle of milk in my bag. (Which I realize now, I didn’t include this in my picture!)

-Breastfeeding cover. I use my cover as a small blanket and carseat cover, too, so we never leave the house without this thing. Even if you aren’t crazy about covers, it’s a cool multi-purpose item that I wish I would’ve had when my oldest was a baby.

-Ring Sling. These are great for infant or toddler carrying, so I make sure we always have one with us.

-Water Bottle. I bring a water bottle everywhere we go and make sure it’s got a built-in straw so the girls can share with me, too.

-Bribes. Yes, my friends, I am the bribery parent. If I know we have boring things to do, I pack my bag full of fruit snacks and stickers, and if my kids start acting restless…BOOM bribes for days. I keep a new issue of Nat Geo Kids magazine for Lennox, too–bribery at its finest for brainiac 7-year-olds.

-My Wallet and Phone. I admittedly am very terrible about throwing my credit cards into the bottom of my purse or sticking them in pants pockets and washing them. But, ya know, I always check if we have money before we leave the house. Lol.

-Randoms: my glasses (in case my contacts fall out of my sleep-deprived eyes, which has totally happened), hair brush and hair tie. Maybe some lip gloss. Maybe teething gel. Maybe ten Target receipts that are floating around the bottom. You get the point.

I pack every pocket of the removable insert of my Lily Jade, and then I slide the insert into my bag! Good to go for an easy outing!

Pro-tip: if you’re looking into a Lily Jade, make sure you check their website and Instagram for current promotions! They usually have amazing deals going on!!

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