There’s nothing I love more than watching Lennox, Lela, and Luna discover new things and expand their knowledge every day. We love exploring new places as a family on the weekends, and one of our favorite things about living in a rural area is getting to visit so many locally owned farms and animal rescues. This past week, we loaded up the car and headed to a farm that takes in abandoned livestock and birds, and the kids were in absolute heaven. Lennox insisted on bringing his bird books and binoculars, and we stayed for hours, while he tried to locate each bird that he would see inside of his book. Once we got home, Lela and Luna drew pictures of the farm animals they loved the most (ok, they were squiggly lines, but the girls said they were the animals…and that’s what counts! Lol), and we talked about everything we had learned during our family fun day.

For children, the ability to learn new things presents itself into everything they do–something as simple as a trip to a farm turns into a science lesson, an errand at the supermarket turns into learning new foods and colors and shapes, a day at the beach is an environmental lesson, and on and on. Learning is all around us, and as a working mother, I love finding childcare that helps facilitate each of my children’s deep-rooted love of learning and exploration.

Lennox, Lela, and Luna were each 6-weeks-old when they started at their childcare centers over the years. My career in banking was not very flexible in the early days, I was offered a short and unpaid maternity leave, and I would spend countless hours during each of my pregnancies–meticulously comparing childcare options and looking for the best of the best, knowing that they would be the ones helping me shape the early years of my babies’ lives. As a military family, it can also be pretty hard moving to a new city so often and having to find a new childcare provider that you trust. Thankfully, we found Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care in all of my research, and I am so unbelievably grateful for their comprehensive curriculum, nationwide footprint, and highly ranked accreditation.

Each Kiddie Academy center supports my same belief that the ability to learn is in everything our children do, in and out of the classroom. On January 3rd, they launched their new national creative campaign “Learn On” to showcase how a child’s curiosity, sparked while at Kiddie Academy, carries into every aspect of their day. Through their Life Essentials curriculum, Kiddie Academy helps to spark the love for learning in even the youngest of minds. They serve families with children ranging from 6 weeks-12 years with full-time educational childcare, summer camp, and even before-and-after school care. They also operate over 210 academies in 29 states and DC! So, it feels great to know that wherever we go and whatever care we need, Kiddie Academy will be there to support us.

When we recently toured our local Kiddie Academy, I was blown away by the curriculum that they utilize every day. Life Essentials is divided into four parts: developmentally appropriate standard curriculum, health & fitness, technology education, and character education to teach our children values like respect, sharing, and friendship. Every child and teacher in the building was having a total blast–but just as equally important…everyone was learning, too!!

Given the right environment, children will naturally be more curious and excited to learn new things, and I love that Kiddie Academy creates a fun and hands-on environment for their little learners. Because, like I said, learning is all around us: in our every day routines, in our communities, and even on the farm–every child has the potential to develop a love for learning and exploring. Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care helps facilitate that same desire for knowledge by empowering our children with the right tools and resources to make the most of every learning opportunity.

Now, a lot of you have asked when I plan to go back to work now that Leif is three-months-old–and this is actually the longest that I have EVER stayed home. Right now, my maternity leave has a flexible and open-ended length, and I plan on taking advantage of that for the next year so we can regroup as a family. I’m excited to spend more time at home, to create beautiful memories with our babies, and to savor every moment of the complete chaos that comes from four kids so young. 🙂 When Leif turns one, I plan on making the final decision on a date to return to my banking career. But knowing that quality childcare is right down the road, wherever we are…well, that makes ALL of the difference.

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  1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your maternity leave! Love seeing your fun adventures with your kids. They are adorable. I have 4 too 🙂


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