Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a minute, okay? Diaper bags were definitely not a fabulously designed accessory when my first son was born (the days before Instagram, y’all). Back then, I searched for months while I was pregnant, just trying to find a bag that didn’t make me look like I was carrying a giant IKEA shopping bag full of baby supplies. My search, however, failed, and I ended up with one of those clunky, half plastic, over the shoulder bags with horrific organization in the center. I refused to use it as a purse, too, so I had to carry MULTIPLE bags, EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY, and I only had one baby worth of supplies to carry–I cringe at that tiny memory.

So, flash forward to these days: I have four children, three of whom still require a lot of gear every time we go somewhere. My diaper bag would be absolute holy chaos if I didn’t have one with amazing organization that could house the multiple sizes of diapers, different bottles, different pacifiers, etc in easy access. Another top priority I look for in a bag is ease of wear–I am always wearing one of the babies, and it makes a shoulder carry completely useless and a cross-body carry pretty inconvenient when paired with a baby carrier. I also wanted something that looked like a regular purse, that I could style with my daily outfits. So enter the bag of my dreams: the Lily Jade Meggan.

My favorite feature of the LJ Meggan is the versatility of the straps: you can cross-body, over the shoulder, and even wear it in a really stylishly-shaped backpack carry, like you can see from my pictures. This is crucial with multiple children, because you want your hands as free as possible. The backpack carry still allows you easy access to the bag for the times you need to grab a pacifier ASAP–the side and front pockets are all easily accessible while being worn. When the kids aren’t with me (like once every lifetime, let’s be real), I love to wear it over the shoulder because it really, truly looks like a designer purse on the outside!

The teal interior has multiple storage pockets, as well as a removable and washable storage caddy that can hold literally everything your mama heart desires. We keep:

  • Three total changes of clothes (one for Leif, one for Luna, one for Lela)
  • Two sippy cups
  • Two bottles
  • Two pacifiers
  • Three blankets (the girls will argue to no end if they don’t have their own)
  • Hairbrush (hello North Carolina humidity!)
  • My wallet
  • A grocery store full of snacks
  • Wipes
  • Water Bottle
  • Three Pullups and Three Newborn Diapers
  • Ring Sling

And that’s just in the removable caddy!! The front pocket on the Megann is the perfect size to keep my iPhone 7 plus, which is awesome not having to dig around and find it when we’re out and about.

I get compliments everywhere that we go because of the design of the bag and the neat little details (like the outside beaded tassle and the gold buckles). The bag also has purse feet on the bottom, which a lot of expensive diaper bags seem to lack–it makes me feel more confident for the times when I have to throw it down in the middle of a playground while my maniac daughter tries to jump off of a slide onto the sidewalk. Kidding, but not really…

Luna: refusing to wear two shoes since 2017. LOL

Lily Jade is currently running their Black Friday sales, so if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing one, now is the perfect opportunity. I got mine as an early Christmas present to myself, but they make amazing gifts, too. Just saying, I would not complain one bit if Tom went on to the Lily Jade site and got me another bag to rotate around…the Shaylee in Old English looks AMAZING, too!

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