Does anyone else feel like they blinked and all of a sudden it’s time to start Holiday shopping? The Target Christmas catalog came to our house the day before Halloween, and Tom and I instantly joked about it being WAY too early for that…but here I am in November with very few ideas on what to get the kids yet; so, you know, maybe Target was on to something! The problem with shopping for the girls is that whatever we buy for one of them, we have to buy an identical one for the other; so, at Christmas and even on their birthdays, we buy two of everything…and it’s sometimes hard to find things that are perfect for both 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds. PLUS, I feel like they have everything they need, so unless I get really creative (I legit thought about getting them motorized ride-on unicorns–not even kidding!!), they’re going to be my toughest people to shop for this year.

But if you’re struggling trying to figure out the perfect gift for the tiny toddler in your life, too, I’ve put together a list of all of Lela and Luna’s favorite things that they’ve been loving throughout the year, to inspire your Christmas list. I always try to blend as many useful non-toy products as possible into the kids’ Christmas presents because, let’s face it, we have SO many toys that I feel like I’m drowning in a tidal wave of Barbies some days. Plus, because they usually get everything they ask for (and more) throughout the year, we don’t overdo it at Christmas–we typically stick to maybe 3-5 presents per kid plus stockings. I never judge people that do MASSIVE Christmases, and I don’t judge parents that stick to one present each. Everyone has their own traditions, and our traditions mostly center around getting a 14 ft tree from a lot, Tom and I embarrassing ourselves by trying to unload it from the top of the car together, and then us spending way too long decorating it because the kids insist on “helping”. Good times, every year. I digress…

Here are our ten favorite products from 2018 that would make the perfect toddler gifts!

TrioKid Strollers: my daughters have not gone a single day without playing with these things in the six months that they’ve had them, so I’m definitely going to say that these are their favorite toy of all time. They are so incredibly well-made from the cutest small shop, the perfect size for toddlers, and the price is amazing! We have two Miniline ones, which are sized PERFECTLY for one and two-year-olds; the other designs also look incredible, but I liked the smaller design of the Miniline.

Tula Kids Backpacks: these are hands-down the cutest, most unique, durable, high quality, perfectly amazing toddler backpacks that ever existed. I could shout from the rooftops how much I love them for both of the girls, but I think the fact that Lela and Luna wear them everywhere should say how much THEY love them, too. They fit the perfect amount of toys, books, and sippy cups for our daily outings/restaurants/preschool class, and they’re perfect for overnight trips. I want one in my size.

Cuddle + Kind Dolls: the most adorable family that makes the most adorable hand knit dolls! The girls (and even Lennox) absolutely love these dolls, and the “regular” sized ones are perfect to fit in dollhouses, strollers, etc. They also make great growth measurers for monthly infant pictures, just saying! Even better–for every doll purchased, the company donates ten meals to children in need, both domestically and abroad.

Personalized Nap Blankets: every one of my babies has their own personalized blankets, and the girls take theirs everywhere–car rides, vacations, naptimes, etc. The girls love that they have their own blanket that the other one can’t steal (seriously, they have their names on them. lol), and I love that it’s something that they can keep to look back on when they’re older. Not a lot of kids gifts are timeless, but these definitely are.

ZoLi Bot Sippy Cups: these are one of those useful gifts that keeps giving. The girls are obsessed with these little cups because they are easy to hold, have a weighted straw, and they’re a super cute and fun design. I love them because they don’t leak, and even when they turn them upside down, the straw moves with them…so the girls don’t throw a tantrum and make me constantly refill the juice. So, needless to say, their stockings are going to be full of these this year. We also use ZoLi’s canteens, placemats, and teethers–really high quality, cute designs in everything.

Innobaby Bath Scrubber: you probably think I’m crazy for putting a bath scrub on here, but when my kids opened the package that these were in, they totally squealed in delight and played for HOURS (like, not even in the bath–they made up games and played pretend…all kinds of hilarious things that I would not expect from a bath scrubber). Also, cutest colors and designs ever. Best stocking stuffer on the list, for sure.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis: Ok, this is the only noisy toy that I’m putting on this entire list, but my kids are obsessed, and it entertains them for hours. What parents wouldn’t want their child entertained by a singing dog that teaches their toddler the ABCs? Exactly. Amazing price–usually about $12-13. Totally worth it.

Horse Hopper: I bought this on a late night Amazon whim last year, and holy cow, Best Late Night Purchase Ever. I was skeptical of buying a product without 100% 5 Star Reviews, but I’m glad I took a chance–it is INCREDIBLY durable (my seven-year-old hops on it, come on), compact, quiet, doesn’t require batteries, and both girls can fit on it at once. Hours of bouncing entertainment, without the broken bones of a trampoline.

Innobaby Din Din Chicken Plate: Here’s another one of those “Things I Wouldn’t Think Would Make Perfect Gifts Until I Had Kids…” items. My girls are HOLY FREAKING OBSESSED with these plates. Every meal. Every single meal they demand to eat off of these. They love them so much that we even got them the matching steamers (which make great bowls for vegetable and dip snacks for them). It’s got a suction grip on the bottom, too, which makes it where Luna can’t throw her plate in the floor if she doesn’t immediately love what’s for dinner. That, my friends, is priceless.

Cordelia: Books make some of the best gifts for toddlers, and as the one that is going to be reading the book over and over and over again, you want to make sure you buy ones that YOU love, too. I try to pick out books with the most positive messages and strong female characters, and this one takes the cake. The plot centers around a little girl who slowly learns to overcome the negative opinions of others and stays true to herself and her beliefs–definitely something I want my girls growing up hearing on repeat. Added bonus: the girls also have Cordelia plush dolls, which makes the book so much more fun when there’s something tactile that they can experience while we read. Such a cute gift set idea!

Some other items that I love throwing into the kids’ gifts every Christmas:

-Shoes: toddlers outgrow shoes so, so fast, and they always need more. If your girls are anything like mine, they will LOVE cute shoes under the Christmas tree.

-Little People sets: I don’t know what it is about Fisher Price Little People, but all kids are obsessed with them. The girls favorites are the Camping Set and Cinderella’s Castle.

-Bows: my girls LOVE bows, I love them wearing bows, and you can never have too many. I buy them in bulk, and Lela freaks out every time the box arrives. She sorts them by color, by size, everything. Hours of entertainment when they open the box, years of wear. I linked the ones here that they wear the most–it comes in a pack of 30. Great stocking stuffer.

-Pajamas: I always throw in a few pajama sets for each kid at Christmas. We love Baby Gap pajamas and Carters the most, but sometimes Old Navy has really cute ones around Christmas, too.

-Hooded Bath Towels: my babies love all things bathtime, so I try to get them new hooded bath towels whenever I can. The absolute softest, plushest ones that we have are these that we got on Amazon.

-Coloring Books: ya know who has the coloring books that my kids love the most? Dollar Tree. I load up on coloring books and crayons every time I’m there, and at Christmas, I fill a box full of them for each kid.

Some items I NEVER include:

-Food/Candy: Do you like tantrums on Christmas morning? If so, load up your toddler’s stocking with candy and tell them they can’t eat all of it for breakfast. Nope. Avoid foods at all costs, unless you plan on letting them eat all of it immediately.

-Bath Products: nothing screams holiday cheer like a toddler opening up a bottle of cute body wash and pouring it all over their brand new toys. Avoid anything liquid. Bubbles, too. The only liquids that should be anywhere near your Christmas morning are mimosas and coffee, and those aren’t for the toddlers. đŸ˜‰

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