They See Us Strollin’: Stroller Recommendations

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We own an embarrassing amount of strollers, and our mudroom is pretty much just a designated stroller parking zone. We have strollers that fit one baby, two babies, three babies, entire football teams…all kinds of strollers. And whenever people message me asking for recommendations, my choice is always going to depend on a lot of factors–mostly, “How many babies are going to be riding in it?”. We use three different strollers the most, and depending on how many babies you need to fit–here’s my totally unsponsored (seriously, but if one of these companies wants to send me a free stroller for this…well, my mudroom has some extra room…just kidding…) list of Must Have Strollers:

1. Best Stroller for One: My Babiie Catwalk Collection

It seriously does not get cooler than this gold and dalmatian print stroller. As soon as I saw that they were finally being sold in America, I jumped on the bandwagon. I mostly picked this one out online just for the unique print; so when it arrived, I was unexpectedly blown away at the steering and ease of movement on this thing! I have never had a stroller that was so easy to maneuver or so lightweight. It comes with a chic little rain cover, too, which has been super useful. The sunshade is massive, the frame is a lightweight aluminum, and the handles are ergonomic and height adjustable, which is a feature that most of our strollers don’t have. We definitely get a lot of questions about this one when we’re out, since the design is extremely eye-catching. And because it’s our smallest stroller, it stays in the car for any last minute trips we take.

2. Best Stroller for Two: J is for Jeep Side x Side

I used to be one of those moms that gave a little bit of unnecessary side-eye to the women with the giant double strollers, pushing everyone out of the way when they walk in doorways and taking up half the aisle in the grocery store with their beast of a baby-wagon. I vowed a long time ago to never be a mom that carried that much “gear”, but then I had a hundred kids…and my side-eye quickly stopped. We used to have a Sit N Stand as our double stroller, and I could not stand that thing–cheaply made, completely wrong fit for babies close in age, and too bulky for the concept. I needed something that could accommodate the times that Lela and Luna were both napping while we were out, so I broke down and started using a side by side stroller. I AM HOOKED.

This thing pushes so smoothly on all terrains that sometimes I catch myself accidentally jogging because of how well it flows down the street. The girls absolutely love the recline of the seats, the adjustable footrests, and the “roller coaster bars” that keep them secure. I do not like that it doesn’t have snack trays and drink holders built-in, but we bought some add-ons on Amazon and attached those.

It fits really well in the back of our SUV, and out of all of our strollers, this one is definitely the easiest double-seater to fold and unfold. I think the price point is amazing given the features, and I would definitely go so far to say that I love it more than the pricier all-terrain strollers we own. Plus, it fits in doorways so smoothly that you don’t need an entire staff to help you get into a building. That’s a win to me!

3. Best Stroller for Three: Joovy Big Caboose

This thing is a beast. A BEAST. Like, sometimes I feel like I’m pushing a clown car full of babies when we leave the house, and people always have their jokes ready, “You need a motor on that thing!” “I think you need a license to drive that!” and the good ole favorite, “You’ve got your hands full!” (even though technically my hands are pretty empty when they’re all in the stroller…just saying). I have a love/hate relationship with my Joovy, but I have to recommend it just because it is literally the only stroller we could find that could accommodate two toddler seats and an attached infant seat and an infinite combination of versatility as the grow: you can do two infant seats and a bench, two infant seats and a third seat attachment for a toddler, three toddler seats, two toddler seats and a bench, and so on. Basically, if you’ve got a lot of back-to-back babies, this thing was designed for you in mind, unlike the other multiple strollers that were made for real twins and triplets…not Irish Twins and Triplets. 🙂

But, compared to the other two on the list, it’s pretty dang hard to steer and the front veers slightly to one side when you’re pushing. That’s to be expected for such a large stroller, but it’s enough to pretty much exhaust me after a couple of blocks of walking through the neighborhood…so Tom pushes this one most of the time. For the price, though, you really can’t complain–I got mine on sale, and even with the extra purchase of the third row seat that we attached, it was still wayyyyyyy cheaper than every other stroller for multiples on the market. Kind of makes the hard steering worth it.

It also fits easily in doorways, and I honestly don’t have a hard time turning corners with it. It has cup holders, reclining seats, adjustable footrests, huge sun shades, etc. I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s too large to fit in the back of their cars, which I could see being an issue–we have a Honda Pilot and a Honda CR-V, though, and it fits great in both. We also are flying with it for the first time in October, and after a few calls to our airline just to double-check, we found out that, even though it is massive, it still meets the requirements to be gate checked like a regular stroller (just make sure you take off whatever extra attachments you’ve added–extra cupholders, organizers, etc).


So, I don’t have a stroller recommendation that fits more than three very young children–but Tom and I joke a lot about one day needing to buy one of those giant 8-seater strollers that they use at daycares. Maybe one day, but not today, Tom. Not today.

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