Growing up, I remember being so nervous for the first day of school–I would lay out my back to school outfits months in advance, spend all summer studying, and practice waking up at 6 every single morning before the “big day”. My darling son obviously did not inherit my Type A personality.

“Are you nervous for your first day?”

“Not really…”

“But it’s a new school!!”

“It’s whatever.”

Ok, kid, I hear you. Honestly, I think I was way more nervous sending Lennox off to his first day than I’ve ever been in my life. We had him in a public school for kindergarten, but because of our move to North Carolina, we ended up choosing homeschooling for just a few school years until we got established in the area. So, here we were on Monday–his first big “back-to-school day” at a brick and mortar school, TWO YEARS ahead of other kids his age. That’s right: when he tested into public school in the area, they bumped my baby into THIRD GRADE. My tiny son was now walking the same halls and taking standardized tests and eating lunch with BIG KIDS! But he thought it was “whatever”, so I tried to play it cool, too.


The only thing that seemed to remotely excite him was back to school shopping, so I tried to hype that up as much as I could. We got the supply list a few weeks in advance, and I swear we looked at over 6,000 bookbags before he finally settled on a Minecraft one with a matching lunchbox attached…the most “third grade boy” thing I’ve ever seen. We loaded it full of the requested composition books, copy paper, highlighters, etc, and we added the supplies that I know the classroom really needs: hand sanitizer, tissues, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.


Because we’re welcoming Baby Leif into the family ANY DAY NOW (yikes!!), keeping the germs to a minimum are at the top of our minds–this includes in Lennox’s new classroom. I’m proud to partner with his teacher in helping to keep a clean space for him to learn – at home and at school – , and I’m also proud to partner with Clorox to do the same. What’s great about using Clorox are all the good things that come after, including more sweet moments and an all-around healthier, happier home for my family. Also, Clorox supports, which allows teachers across America to create projects and request resources that students need in their classrooms. You can make a donation directly on the site OR just shop Clorox products in the store–for every $5 spent on qualifying Clorox products, you earn a $1 reward and The Clorox Company will donate $1 to classrooms in need through the website!


So, flash forward now to the actual first day of school. I had it all planned out–I would wake up an hour before the girls, wake Lennox up thirty minutes before the bus came, make waffles, wait on the porch in the glorious cool breeze for the school bus to pick up my baby and whisk him away to the best day ever. Hahahahahahaha. The girls woke up at 4 AM ready to party, Lennox woke up very upset by the commotion shortly after, our dog ate the last of the waffles, and the school bus was thirty minutes early so we MISSED IT because we weren’t out there waiting yet! Seriously, we missed the bus on the first day!! Mom fail.

But trying to stay positive and calm on this big day for Lennox’s sake, I told the kids that we were just using this as an opportunity to get familiar with the new drop off line. When we pulled up to the school, Lennox dared me to yell out the window that I loved him or get out of the car. So, silently, from the car windows, I watched my sweet, tiny boy head into a three- story building, carrying his supplies and ready to have the best year ever. And, as he walked away, I silently resisted the strong urge to yell out the window, “DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR CRAZY SISTERS!!! COME BACK!!!”


To learn more about what Clorox is doing to help teachers and others prepare for back to school, visit Happy Back to School Season, y’all!

This post is sponsored by Clorox.


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