It’s been six years since I made my first baby registry, and it seems like just yesterday. I remember staying up all night for weeks, desperately browsing the Target website, comparing the products to whatever mom blog recommendations I could find from whatever random Google search I would make. I would read reviews for hours, panic about every detail, and massively overspend on making sure I had ten of every gadget and gizmo that any mom recommended to me. Being a new mom is hard, y’all!

So, flash forward to the fourth time around. Other than a few small purchases, we already had everything on hand that needed to welcome our sweet Leif into the world soon, and I feel calm and ready to bond with our newest addition. This is why I’m so proud to partner with Philip’s Avent as part of their “Mamalogues” series to share my Top Five Registry Must-Haves with you guys!

  1. Philips Avent Natural Bottles: Breastfeeding my babies will always be one of the greatest experiences of my life–there are no words to describe the bond you feel while feeding your baby from your body for the first time. But, after weeks of feeding that precious baby every hour and being the only one to be able to come to the milk rescue when they cry, you learn pretty fast that Dad needs to get in on the feeding action, too. Once I establish a healthy milk supply a few weeks after labor, I start pumping into bottles so Tom can share with the nighttime feedings. It helps him create a bond with our newborn, and it helps me sleep. Win/win. But not all bottles are created equal. We have used Philips Avent bottles since 2011, and I would never recommend any other brand. They are leak-proof (trust me, you don’t want a bottle that will spill your liquid gold), have a natural shaped nipple, and most importantly, the wide base top allows for super easy cleaning.
  2. Swaddle Blankets: I love a good swaddle blanket, and I promise that your baby will absolutely love them, too. A firmly wrapped swaddle helps your baby feels safe, secure, and loved in those first few months outside of the womb, and in my experience, it will definitely help your baby sleep more soundly at night, which helps everyone! We love muslin swaddle blankets for looser swaddles, and I keep jersey knit swaddlers on hand for a more firm, supportive swaddle on those extra-fussy days.
  3. Video Baby Monitor: We never had a baby monitor until our THIRD baby, and oh my goodness, what a game changer. With our first two babies, I was such a helicopter mom that I would stand over their bassinets while they slept, scared to turn my head, and unwilling to trust that a monitor would actually let me know if the baby was crying. Yeah, I was a hot mess. With Luna, we finally splurged on a nice video monitor where I was able to go downstairs while she was napping in her crib, and I could still see every move she made in her sleep and know when she was waking up.
  4. Baby Wrap Carrier: I admittedly own an embarrassing amount of baby carriers. And they each are perfect for different stages of development. For the first few months of your baby’s life, there is NOTHING more wonderful than a wrap carrier to keep baby close to your chest, provide a cover for nursing, and give you free hands to get things done. Wrap carriers provide plenty of support for chest carrying a brand new baby, and you will feel at peace, knowing your brand new creation is so close by.
  5. Rocking Chair: There is something so precious and delicate about the first days of your newborn’s life, and you really want to soak in every second in a calm, peaceful environment. Our rocking chair has been invaluable for quiet bonding sessions during feedings, night wakes, and throughout the day. As your baby grows, your rocking chair transitions into a spot to read books with them and snuggle on the slow days.
Nothing beats baby snuggles in the rocking chair
Top Five Roundup

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