Lennox in his Go Shout Love tee…Lela looking terrified…and Luna Darling about to eat a shoe…

Today, the kids’ had back-to-school physicals and milestone checkups at the pediatrician. After the most routine visit ever, we all left in good spirits, eating lollipops, laughing…things we never got to do when Lela had these same check-ups just a year ago. When every month, we were delivered scary news. When every month, we were bounced around between every cardiologist-neurologist-allergist-audiologist-urologist-everythingwrongologist in two states until we finally found the root of her problems and got our healthy girl back. So, as we left this tiny appointment today with no referrals to specialists, all five of us smiling, it dawned on me how unbelievably lucky I am to have to my children’s health now, and I hope that I never take that for granted.

Because, y’all, some parents are not so lucky to feel that relief after routine pediatrician appointments, and my heart absolutely aches for them. I recently discovered, through Instagram, a nonprofit called Go Shout Love that brings awareness, raises funds, and creates community through their social media for families who have children on rare medical journeys. Every month, they sponsor a new family, and proceeds from their monthly clothing line go directly to medical bills for the featured child.

This month, that child is Samuel, an absolutely amazing toddler with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (also called Brittle Bone Disease). Before reaching his third birthday just two days ago, he has already suffered from over 30 bone fractures, but that doesn’t stop him from having an unbreakable spirit and bringing joy to those around him. Because of this, during the month of August, Go Shout Love is selling “Unbreakable” tees to support Samuel’s medical journey, and I encourage everyone to check them out, read about Samuel’s story, and go shout some love for his sweet family. The tees are unbelievably soft, and they have infant to adult sizes for everyone in the family.

My sweet Luna Darling in her Unbreakable Tee

As parents, it is the most gut-wrenching experience to see our babies in any pain, and I cannot stress enough that I will never, ever take for granted what a blessing it is to have healthy children. I will shout that from the rooftops, while also using my voice to shout love to Samuel, his family, and this wonderful organization that brings love and light to those who need it most.

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