Lennox is a pretty big introvert. I noticed it when he was around 4-years-old, when I couldn’t understand why he actually wanted to be alone in his room. I thought something was wrong. As an extrovert myself, parenting an introverted child took a lot of adjusting, and I shamelessly read every self-help book under the sun about how to give your introverted child their space without shutting them out. With that said, Lennox spends an hour and a half of quiet time in his room each day by himself, and that’s how he recharges. Sometimes, he lets me sit with him while he reads or plays with legos, but most of the time, he likes being in the peace and quiet of his own space. This is why we’ve always made it our mission to make sure he has the best space possible, surrounded by things he loves.

I recently partnered with Delta Children to update his space into an awesome superhero lair, which is his current obsession right now. We started with their Turbo Racecar Twin Bed and built the space from there. I’m in love with this little bed because the box spring sits directly on the ground; so it is SUPER easy for him to climb in and out of in the night, while also being the perfect size for a growing six-year-old. Assembly took about thirty minutes, and we were on a roll after that:

We added a bunch of canvas prints to the walls that we ordered on Ebay and a Batman shelf that we picked up from Hobby Lobby.

Next, we added this custom-made superhero lamp for his bedside! I sewed the lampshade out of Hobby Lobby fabric, and made a pull chain with a toy Captain America shield. Tom screwed in a little Captain America figurine to the bottom, which can be replaced with any of his other Mix Em, Mash Em figurines. Obsessed with my our handiwork here:

And most importantly, he has a quiet space to sit, read, and readjust.

Finally, we were able to fit all of his Hot Wheels tracks into a collapsible Batman toy chest I found on Amazon, which really decluttered the space:

We couldn’t be happier with how the room turned out, and Lennox loves having a new space where he can decompress…away from his little sisters. 🙂

***As always, because of my longstanding partnership with Delta Children, you can use code CBCHATMAN for fifteen percent off their entire website. The girls’ room (shown below) was also recently updated with their Farmhouse Bed, and I can’t tell you how much we love the quality of their designs.

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