I recently had a Q&A in my Instagram stories, willing to answer ANYTHING that my followers asked. I got a lot of really good questions, some kind-of-odd ones, some foreign language ones, and about five dozen people wanting to know how far apart the girls are and if it’s chaos. So, here it goes:

Lela and Luna are 14 months apart, and it’s the absolute most amazing chaos ever.

Having babies back-to-back isn’t easy, and I’d be totally lying if I said I wasn’t a little terrified when I found out I was pregnant with Luna so soon after having Lela. My body was still not completely back to normal after the hyperemesis, and I was at a really unhealthy low weight. I was struggling with bonding with Lela, especially after my milk supply decreased from the pregnancy. And to top it off, I had an IUD in when I got pregnant with Luna, and we weren’t even sure if she was going to remain a viable pregnancy. It was a pretty wild ride those first few months, especially with the constant sickness and exhaustion while trying to raise two other young kids. But I can honestly say that the hardest part of back-to-back babies was being pregnant, and once she arrived, our family was more wonderful than ever…ya know, just with twice the diapers, feedings, sleepless nights, all that good stuff.

So, if you just found out you’re about to have babies super close in age, don’t panic! Here are the really amazing things about Irish Twins:

  1. You get to wear maternity clothes for two years straight, and y’all, let’s be honest: any excuse to leave my house in elastic pants is cool with me.
  2. You never even have a chance to drink a margarita in between pregnancies, so you pretty much forget they exist and stop missing them.
  3. Eventually, your back-to-back babies start wearing the same diaper size, and you can buy Size Fours in massive amounts for wholesale prices. Baby wipes, too!
  4. The bond between your babies is going to make all of the craziness worth it. They will be inseparable, and ya know, they’ll probably give you hell when they’re teenagers together…but as babies, it’s super cute.
  5. Your OBGYN starts being really, really nice to you because they realize what a money-maker you are for them. The entire office staff will learn your name, and your doctor will repeatedly remind you that he loves how big your family is because it’s good for his business. It’s kind of like earning frequent flyer miles, ya know.

But, there are some negatives that I feel like I should warn you about:

  1. When you announce your newest pregnancy on Facebook, people use the “Wow” reaction instead of the “Love” one. Don’t let it hurt your feelings–they’re probably just wowing the fact that you’re a fertility goddess, which really is impressive.
  2. People in the grocery store stare you down like never before, especially once you have a noticeable baby bump and are holding an infant. You learn to brush off the “You know what causes that, right?” comments really fast. Or find a good comeback–I like to say “The stork just keeps dropping them off. I don’t know.”
  3. If you’re trying to work outside of the home, your daycare bill will now look like something that belongs in a horror movie–I’m serious when I say that we pay more for childcare than a mortgage payment on a three story home. But the daycare, just like your OBGYN, loves you because you keep supplying them with business.
  4. Remember how everyone in the family offered to babysit your first baby constantly? How they showered them with love and attention and toys? Yeah, back-to-back baby does not get that luxury. No one is brave enough to tame your multiple toddler circus and offer their babysitting services anymore. Say goodbye to date nights, and learn to appreciate the rare moments where all the babies fall asleep before 9 PM and you can watch House Hunters with your spouse for five minutes while you both pass out before the opening scenes.
  5. Your babies will fight. They will steal each other’s toys. They will pull each other’s hair. They will fight over your attention and make you feel like a terrible mom for having to pick which one to hold at first. The good news is that you eventually learn how to carry both of them at the same time, and then BOTH of your biceps get an amazing workout from lifting toddlers all day. The hair pulling doesn’t stop though, and I’ve got no advice for that.

Obviously, having Lela and Luna 14 months apart was a pretty easy transition for our family–so much so that I immediately got pregnant again. Leif will be 13 months apart from Luna! Stay tuned for that blog post on “How Do You Fit Three Kids Under Two in One Shopping Cart”…I’m still trying to work out the logistics of that one.


2 Replies to “Back to Back Babies”

  1. Oh my goodness your blog is my new obsession… absolutely love how bold and true you are to yourself and your children. Your voice(in your writings) is so clear and honest.
    I am a mother of nine littles all born in 11 years, ranging from 18 to 11 months apart.
    I get EVERY WORD of your blog.
    The challenges and the blessings…you say it so perfectly!!
    So much love and hugs from one mama to another.


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