I spent months deliberating whether or not to transition my Instagram into a real blog, and here we are today–I FINALLY DID IT. Instagram has been such an amazing platform for me to share my memories and my voice as the matriarch to a rapidly growing family of six, and I’m grateful for the many connections I have made through the years. So many of those connections have asked repeatedly when I was going to take the plunge and share more, and I’m excited to dive in and do this together.

So, I guess I should start with an introduction:


I’m Charlotte, and the four tiny humans in the picture with me are all so loved, so wonderful, and so mine. Lennox is six, Lela is two, Luna Darling is one, and Leif will join our family at the end of summer. I’m married to a man that is, without a doubt, too good for me, and together, we’ve built a life that leaves me pretty much nothing to complain about…except, okay, maybe I wish there was a Target where we live. By profession, I’m a banker. By grace, I’m a mother. And by luck, I get to share this life on social media with more people than ten times the population of the town where I live. I am so incredibly humbled by that, trust me.

A year ago, we left the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for a more rural setting in Eastern North Carolina, where we are renovating a 100-year-old Victorian home as a family. Lately, it’s had a little bit of a bat problem (SERIOUSLY!), but other than that, the slow living in this area has been good for all of us. We’ve been talking about moving to Western NC in the not-too-terribly-distant future; but for now, this is home, and we are so, so happy.

I love snuggling babies, drinking red wines, doing crossword puzzle books, and taking walks through this weird little town we call home. I hate wadded up napkins, knees, and bats (which is really unfortunate, right?). My favorite meal is french fries. My favorite color is purple. And my favorite animal is the giraffe, despite being attacked by one about nine months ago (NOT EVEN KIDDING!).

Through my blog, I look forward to sharing our daily adventures, the maximum chaos of four babies so close in age, our endless family travels, my unsolicited motherhood advice, and of course, the pictures that I take along the way. Thanks for being on this journey with me. ❤

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